The environment, always in our mind!​
At Dalga Seafood we adhere to the same principles as Gümüsdoga Aquaculture, contributing to the protection and improvement of the environment. Specifically, in each field of activity we follow the following procedures:

● Continuous training of employees, stakeholders and organizations with the aim of raising their awareness around issues of environmental and social responsibility.

● Corporate actions aimed at the protection of natural resources and species.

● Sustainable waste management, thus aiming to reduce pollution, while ensuring the minimization of production, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal activities.

● Continuous improvement of sustainability practices.
The quality, freshness and safety of the fish we trade is guaranteed by Gümüsdoga Aquaculture, through its quality and traceability system. Each stage of fish processing, as well as that of fish feed production, is planned and controlled in accordance with European legislation on product hygiene and safety.